The World of Disney Blogging.

Today, for my first post, I’d like to discuss why I started this blog.

Many years ago a good friend moved to California. This friend shared in my passion for Disney, but we were not your average Walt Disney World fans. My friend, we’ll call him Sam, had worked at Walt Disney World. He’d worked at Haunted Mansion, Pirates, and as a guide at Animal Kingdom among other things. Sam really knew his way around the parks. We both had grown up going to the parks on a yearly if not monthly basis. Both of our families intended to shield the horrors of the world by going to WDW as often as was financially possible. And as our friendship developed over many years, we realized that we weren’t like other Disney fans.

Sure. There were lots of people like us. But especially as we both dated and tried to find Disney loving people we found ourselves disappointed by who we found. Nothing personal, but neither of us have a snow globe collection, nor are we interested in being first for anything, or owning a piece of the monorail or an animation cell. We just enjoy the parks for the beautiful escapism they provide. The childhood nostalgia. We focus on the details. The history. The architecture. Not in a rabid way, but in a subtle, appreciative way. Slowly we found perfect significant others and friends across coasts and they consist of mostly converts and some diehards. But, while there are plenty of sites for the die hard fans. My site isn’t one of them.

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