Dapper Day Spring 2015 – Walt Disney World


In addition to traveling to California to cover the Dapper Day event in LA, I am also THE official photographer for the Walt Disney World Event. I am so so lucky to be involved with this wonderful organization of amazing people. Photos are after the jump! Head to my flickr page to see more!

IMG_6734 IMG_6808 IMG_6840 IMG_6898 IMG_6913 IMG_6963 IMG_4792 IMG_7049-Edit IMG_4814 IMG_7079 IMG_7089 IMG_7150 IMG_7177 IMG_4868 IMG_4870 IMG_7350 IMG_7355 IMG_7366 IMG_7390 IMG_7451 IMG_7486 IMG_7494 PhotographyByStephenie.com-7513 PhotographyByStephenie.com-7522 PhotographyByStephenie.com-7529 IMG_7556 PhotographyByStephenie.com-7614 PhotographyByStephenie.com-7702 PhotographyByStephenie.com-7729 PhotographyByStephenie.com-7749 PhotographyByStephenie.com-7778 PhotographyByStephenie.com-7852 PhotographyByStephenie.com-7886 PhotographyByStephenie.com-7895 PhotographyByStephenie.com-7957 PhotographyByStephenie.com-4943 PhotographyByStephenie.com-7993 PhotographyByStephenie.com-4944 IMG_8041 PhotographyByStephenie.com-8060 PhotographyByStephenie.com-4968 PhotographyByStephenie.com-8137 PhotographyByStephenie.com-8195 PhotographyByStephenie.com-8254 IMG_8313 IMG_9510 IMG_8326 IMG_8304 IMG_8294 IMG_8302

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